…with your head out of the way

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…with your head out of the way

I have had so many reasons why I cannot have what I want. It is not reasonable to expect, ask for it or go out and get it.

What is this reasonable stuff? Just a story about how the world is, based on the past and largely on untested assumptions. You shake that story up, challenge it and take it on – the world becomes a whole lot bigger. And it includes all of those things, experiences, ways of being that apparently are not for you (from ‘reasonable’).

My challenge and my commitment to my clients is to get the ‘reasonable’ head out of the way, access their full being, the core of what they want and support them in creating exactly that; the unreasonable.

How about if you took on having an unreasonable life, because you said so? What would your unreasonable (aka. DREAM) life be like. It is ALL POSSIBLE.

Call me; a free conversation is what gets the fire started.

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Don is a father, engineer, entrepreneur and life coach. Passionate about connection, creating relationships that are authentic, deep and rewarding. Don is 47 and lives in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada. He has two fast growing Sons, a Dog and a fantastic view from the deck. He recently got back into the Pilot seat (literally) and also enjoys running, swimming and camping when the Pacific Northwest weather is amenable...


  1. Robert  March 26, 2015

    Hi Don,

    Funny, the title of your post “With Your Head Out Of The Way” got my attention!
    I have been exploring “The Headless Way” for some time now and we are holding an event on April 6th (Easter Monday) called “Celebrating Who You Really, Really Are”

    It is being co-sponsored by my “New Beginnings Meetup Group.” – http://www.meetup.com/Victoria-Nonduality-and-New-Beginnings-Meetup/
    And Shannon Mullen’s “West shore Stillness Within Group” – http://www.meetup.com/Adventures-in-Meditation-GreaterVictoria/


    • Don Goodeve  May 24, 2015

      Hi Robert

      My apologies for the delay in replying; thanks for the comments and the links. I am putting new life into my meditation practice recently and am looking to develop a stronger community. I will check them out – thank you. And if you are up for a conversation / coffee / tea sometime – let me know what would work for you!

      Best Regards

      250.532.9959, coachingwithdon@gmail.com


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