COACHING is provided through conversation. Through regular conversation we develop a game plan and move it forward to have you experiencing the life you want, no matter what comes up!.

I offer materials and tools for individual use, and Coaching services in which coaching is provided to best support you in creating the life that you want!. Coaching is provided over the phone or using other online services.

Before engaging in Coaching I invite my potential clients to have a free initial conversation with me to discuss their goals and establish the relationship. There is no hard sales pitch. If what I offer supports you – then we can take the conversation and relationship further to meet your needs.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching - 6 months+

    Developing a powerful relationship of trust and openness, we open the doors on your life and use that understanding to create actions, practices and projects that will move you powerfully forward – shifting your perspective to access your creativity and internal resources to achieve whatever you set out for.

  • Relationship coaching - 6 months+

    Relationships are an incredible place to both get support and be challenged to grow. Using the intensity of relationship we work as a team to focus on the core relationship dynamics – and on the relationship in the world. Beautiful relationships are powerful relationships; satisfying, challenging and they have impact in the world. Be your greatest selves! Be great together!.

  • Group coaching; 4-6 participants - 6 months+

    Working with small groups allows the power, creativity and resources of all to source perspective and breakthrough. Groups tend to have common themes so that participants can learn from and support each other, as well as getting the support of the Coach in moving forward powerfully!.

  • Workshop: Your Empowered Self - the course - 6 weeks online

    Saying YES to ourselves and our lives, this course takes the online materials of the ‘Your Empowered Self’ course and leads you through, creating a support structure as we go, to be in action to create the life of your dreams. This is a 6 week commitment with exercises and a support facebook group to have you putting the tools into inspired action!.