How about NOW?

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How about NOW?

The great thing about moments is there are lots of them – at least that is our experience. They seem to be in limitless supply. One day they will run out.

So what makes this one, right now special? important? irreplaceable?

My observation is that we discard a lot of moments out of hand – put them into the recycling (or more often the mountain of trash) in the hope that there will be a better one along in a while – a moment that contains what this moment does not. Thinking of luck, or better moments we have had, looking for magic.

There is magic. The mistake is looking for it anywhere but RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

All that lies between us and the life we want is what we put in the way. We do that moment by moment with our thoughts and actions; conscious and unconscious that keep creating our moment to moment reality. Our collection of NOWs.

All that there is to do is choose your NOW. In this moment – what do you want to create? Who do you want to be? What do you want to experience?

If you are anything like me I heard stuff like this with my head for a long time and it sounded ‘woo-woo’ and ‘kinda out there’. Something other people got to have or be. Mostly in white robes.

In my work as Coach I have a different experience. I get to see magic in my life and in the lives of those I work with. It can all change in a moment. The moment that we choose something else. The moment we make a choice where we believed there was none.

Are you ready to uncover the truth of the power you have in this moment? And this one? and this? How about now?

Are you ready to define your life rather than live it by default? (spoiler alert – you know how the second one goes…)

Contact me and lets define what it is you really want – and talk about creating it!

Until 3pm on Sunday 3rd January 2016 I am offering a massive discount on my regular rates to fill the last available slot in my practice starting January 2016; first 4 months of coaching with one month for free. NOW is the time to take on your life and make 2016 THE YEAR it all changes! One moment, one choice defines it all and can create your whole future. Your power really is in right NOW. Nowhere else. Call/text 250.532.9959 and lets get this thing MOVING! (Notice I am using the ‘Now’ thing and creating some urgency here? Just like life…)


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Don is a father, engineer, entrepreneur and life coach. Passionate about connection, creating relationships that are authentic, deep and rewarding. Don is 47 and lives in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada. He has two fast growing Sons, a Dog and a fantastic view from the deck. He recently got back into the Pilot seat (literally) and also enjoys running, swimming and camping when the Pacific Northwest weather is amenable...

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