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Divorce is one of the greatest breakdowns that we can experience in our lives. The impact is profound, touching every aspect; those we love, how we choose to love, who we believe ourselves and others to be…

The road to recovery beyond divorce is expected to be long and arduous. The idea of ‘recovery’ from divorce supposes there is some ideal state to return to. What if your divorce is the greatest gift that life could have given you? What if it is actually the gateway to the life you always wanted?

Reinvention after Divorce™ is a radically different approach. This intensive six-week RAD_advert3aprogram is designed to have you move outside the ‘normal’ experience of divorce into a deeply transformed new relationship with yourself, your emotions, the process and life. Creating profound shifts in awareness and perspective, opening up new inspiration and actions towards creating your outstanding new life of profound satisfaction and reward – unpredictable from what came before!


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