About me

I am British, a father of two wonderful boys and live on Vancouver Island, Canada. I am a Life Coach. I support people in getting out of their own way to build the lives, the careers and businesses they really want.

I have always been interested in people and their interactions – and been attracted to people who show up as having genuine insight and wisdom – that show up as leaders. These people and how they show up is a reflection of the inner work they have done to reveal the true core of who they are. They have natural charisma and power. I decided pretty early on that I wanted that!

For most of my professional life I have worked as an Engineer – designing software and hardware. Getting the job done was never enough for me. I have always strived to come up with elegant and beautiful solutions – to practice the art of Engineering. I realized that in any human act of creation, the result is a reflection of what has gone into creating it. Everything we have in our built world has a soul, put into it through the process of its creation – from the people who did the work. We can see it – and we want those things in our lives – that have real soul and depth.

These two perspectives meet for me in Coaching. You are not a machine. You have an inherent core of who you are that is limitless, vast, infinitely creative and powerful. This does not have to be put there. It was there when you were born and it is there now. And you also have stories, beliefs, fears that you have created over the course of your life that create your reality and deliver you the life you are currently experiencing. The rough stone of belief and story covering up the beautiful sculpture inside. As a coach, I work to reveal the inner stories, the rough stone, that are subconsciously at work keeping this core hidden. I support my clients in developing the skills of responsibility and choice over who they will be in the world that increasingly have them reveal this core of who they are. From there, their natural inner power is revealed…

And – we have a lot of fun doing it!

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